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Out of the BX

Out of the BX is the historical, critically acclaimed, mini music series platform created by Grace Gaustad. Gaustad’s goal is to position her music and stories as a short form mini series with each new album. Gaustad formed a creative partnership with award winning director Van Alpert. Alpert has brought to life the creative concepts written by Gaustad for both seasons.

In 2021, Out of the Bx launched its first season titled BLKBX: wht r u hding? BLKBX is a series of 12 short form music videos that tell a linear story of Grace’s life that highlight the challenges of Gaustad’s high school years told through the lens of relentless bullying. In this coming of age story, Grace stars alongside Emmy award winning actress and personal mentor, Mariska Hargitay who appears as Grace’s therapist.

In 2022, Out of the Bx launched season 2 titled PILLBX: whts ur fantasy? PILLBX follows Grace on a continued journey as she explores the world for the first time as an adult. When Grace meets the charming and mysterious Bodega man, played by Ryan Perez, her world is turned upside down as he promises to make her wildest fantasies come to life through pillboxes. When the pillboxes are opened, they transport Grace to alternative realities that are both exciting and frightening. Mariska Hargitay makes a return as the eclectic ‘Louise’ and Loren Grey makes her debut in the series as ‘Spencer’ Louise’s lost daughter. Van Alpert also returns as the director of both BLKBK and PILLBX.

Out of the Bx will be announcing details about it’s third season in the summer of 2023. Viewers can expect to see their favorite characters again as Grace serves up a wonderland of heart stopping audio visuals that will continue to follow her adventures.

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